Motion Pictures


A stasis film featuring a series of still life-inspired scenes captured in 4K video entirely void of physical movement. Each frame captured represents a movement in time, the natural succession of breaths. Film is a living organism in this way. The story it tells is that it is and that we are.


Motion Pictures intends to be a film that invites introspection and contemplation rather than interrupts it with constant movement and rapidly changing images. Like a painting on a wall invites you to wander in its aura and meaning, but instead has a durational, temporal aspect to it. A film can offer an experiential unfolding whereas a painting – which I can glance at for a moment before moving on – cannot as easily. I’d love for this film to be something you can dip into, close your eyes for a moment if compelled and open them again to find the same image. The motion we’re exploring here in this piece is the movement of time and consciousness as one’s mind moves and builds upon each moment.