Death 2.0 (working title)

Synopsis: From death cafes and natural burials, apps designed to immortalize our consciousness after we pass, to mortician YouTube stars, the conversation around death is changing rapidly. In this film, we’ll explore this phenomenon through the eyes of those at the forefront of the so-called Death Positive movement.

Possible episodes:

  • The Death Cafe
  • Mortician YouTuber
  • The Death Doula
  • Death Positive Movement
  • Digital Immortality
  • Funerals for Strangers: Chaplains (like that of New York’s Hart Island) and others who perform funerals for the unclaimed dead.
  • Suicide Watch on the Southern UK Coast
  • Memento Mori

Raw footage from a death cafe in Los Angeles, CA // Password: dcafe

Other potential titles: RE-IMAGINING DEATH