Sample footage from exploratory trip to Germany | June 2018


Film3/ASLSP is a series of nonfiction films intended to be produced over the span of 620 years. The project will explore the lives of individuals and large-scale multi-generational endeavors taking place around the world which force us to abandon our commonly-held notions of time and encourage us to look at time not as a linear progression perceived from within the boundaries of one’s lifetime but one in which past, present, and future converge in each passing moment. The story of celebrated composer John Cage’s 1985 composition As Slow As Possible (ASLSP) serves as both jumping off point and foundational thread for the film. Since 2001, a specially-designed organ housed in a 600 year-old church located in the sleepy German town of Halberstadt, a performance of As Slow As Possible has been continually playing and is set to conclude on September 5, 2640.


Note change at St. Burchardi Church
Halberstadt, Germany