Flight from Death: The Quest for Immortality (2005)

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Moving and thought-provoking.

Mike Wilber, NBC News

about the film

Hailed by viewers as a “life-transformational film” and “one of the most ambitious documentaries ever made” by Australia’s 106.7, Flight from Death uncovers fear of death as a possible root cause of much of our everyday behaviors. Through stunning visuals and insightful interviews, this 7-time “Best Documentary” award-winning film explores fear of death and its influence on our behavior, specifically in regards to violence. In the end, this film provides the most comprehensive and mind-blowing investigation of humankind’s relationship with death ever captured in a documentary.

the team

Directed by Patrick Shen
Produced by Greg Bennick, Patrick Shen
Written by Patrick Shen, Greg Bennick
Narrated by Gabriel Byrne


If you see it alone, you’ll be thinking about it for days. If you see it with a friend, you’ll be talking about it for weeks.
—Gerry Krochak, Leader-Post

[Flight from Death] is a beautifully conceived documentary, sharp, accessible and timely. The skillful examination of violence in our world intended for a widespread audience, without diluting its power, is an excellent example of what can be done by artists driven to create, even in the obscenely constrained and costly world of American film.
—Inside Front