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In Pursuit of Silence is no longer streaming free due to contractual obligations to distributors but is still available to stream at Vimeo On Demand and other popular digital outlets as well as on DVD and Blu-ray.  In Pursuit of Silence speaks directly to what many of us are going through right now during these challenging times as we are confronted with a quieter way of life, free from the noise of the outside world, and more aligned to our natural rhythms.

In Pursuit of Silence (2016, 81 minutes) is a meditative exploration of our relationship with silence, sound and the impact of noise on our lives. Beginning with an ode to John Cage’s ground-breaking composition 4’33”, In Pursuit of Silence takes us on an immersive cinematic journey around the globe– from a traditional tea ceremony in Kyoto, to the streets of the loudest city on the planet, Mumbai during the wild festival season – and inspires us to experience silence and celebrate the wonders of our world.

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NOTE: Watch with headphones or a good set of speakers in a quiet environment.

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NEED MORE SILENCE? You might consider purchasing the film on Vimeo-on-Demand which comes with hours of bonus content and/or the companion book Notes on Silence (now just $2.99 in Kindle format on Amazon for a limited time). We’ve also assembled a directory of resources including Q&As with the filmmakers, a reading list, and a study guide.