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The Making of Flight from Death

Up until now, this 30-minute documentary about the making of Flight from Death was only available as a bonus feature on the DVD. Now watch the incredible story behind the film that totally blew your mind for free. In it, you’ll hear about the trials of making the film and hear additional commentary from the […]

TPK Deluxe Edition DVD Bonus Features

Want to hear what the cast and crew of The Philosopher Kings have to say about their experiences making the film? The bonus features on the Deluxe Edition DVD include a Q&A with the cast and crew, deleted scenes, audio commentary with producers Patrick Shen & Greg Bennick, the short film “Lessons from the Night” […]

“…to agitate the sleep of mankind.”

When I adopted those words from Freud as my company’s vision statement years ago, I could have never guessed what incredible adventures it would lead to down the road. But as rewarding and fruitful as the work has been, the need for an awakening has gone unchanged. In the wake of the devastating earthquake in […]

Cornell Daily Sun

Cornell Daily Sun

“Filmmakers Patrick Shen and Greg Bennick call this connection between the audience and Evener an example of going from living in a two-dimentional world to living in a three-dimensional one.”