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The Making of Flight from Death

Up until now, this 30-minute documentary about the making of Flight from Death was only available as a bonus feature on the DVD. Now watch the incredible story behind the film that totally blew your mind for free. In it, you’ll hear about the trials of making the film and hear additional commentary from the […]

See a Movie NOT Playing at Your Local Theater

See a Movie NOT Playing at Your Local Theater

This post is part of our “Behind the Scenes” series of blogs in which we share “trade secrets”, stories, and insights into our filmmaking process to give fans & fellow filmmakers a glimpse into how we do it and what we’ve learned along the way. YouTube has become the new television for an entire generation. […]

“Going Back to Haiti”: An Interview with Patrick Shen

"Going Back to Haiti": An Interview with Patrick Shen recently interviewed “La Source” Director/Producer Patrick Shen and Producer Jordan Wagner about their experiences shooting in Haiti pre & post earthquake. READ ARTICLE

Article: “The Practice of Being Human”

Article: "The Practice of Being Human"

TM Founder and Director, Patrick Shen recently contributed an article to popular film blog Film Courage entitled “The Practice of Being Human: The Social Aspects of Documentary Filmmaking” in which he lays out some of the principles by which TM operates and makes its films. Check it out and let us know what you think.

TM is a Movement

For us at TM, making films is not just the business we are in, but an exercise in being human and interacting with the world. We like to think of Transcendental Media as a movement comprised of individuals, inside and outside the walls of TM, committed, above all else, to honest filmmaking and who have […]