La Source Featured on CNN

Last November the U.S. Embassy in Haiti invited us to Haiti for a week-long screening tour which included an epic and historic showing in the village of La Source. CNN accompanied us on the trip for a 6-minute segment that premiered today, the fifth anniversary of the earthquake. Watch it here.

Josue on CNN

Here’s how Patrick summed up the journey of making this film on his Facebook wall:

“7 years ago I met a man from a small remote village in Haiti. His story has taken me to Haiti 6 times, 4 of those trips taking place in 2010 after the earthquake. I spent a solid three years of my life making a film about Josue and his village. The film has screened in 8 countries and has been translated into Portuguese, Chinese, and Creole. The film and its action campaign has provided water wells for 20 poor communities in rural Haiti. This week this chapter in my life has come to an end. Thanks to the US Embassy, the Cine Institute (Haiti’s only film school), and countless others, the team and I got to share our little film with the very people whom we made the film about, the people of La Source. I haven’t made a single dime on this film but it has given me something money can never touch and words can’t describe. Thanks to Patrick Pai, Regina Napper Manian, David Young Won, Julian Lee and everyone else who supported this film through your good vibes and financial contributions over the years. And finally thanks to my cohorts Brandon Vedder, Jordan Wagner, and Jess Koehler. We’ve all done good.”

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